Diseases have odor. How smell diseases? Diabetes smells like acetone, liver cancer smells like …

Diseases have odor. How smell diseases? Diabetes smells like acetone, liver cancer smells like …

Body odor and breath can be a sign of disease, say scientists in two separate studies in the Swedish Institute Karolinska and the American Center for the senses.

The breath of people with diabetes smell like acetone, while those with liver disease smell like raw fish.

People usually can not feel these odors, but can be identified by abnormal immune function. Scientists believe that the smell of the disease will be recognized by the so-called electronic noses, but as an example of such a test breathing already helps identify of breast cancer.

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The body releases different scents every day, but the disease changed like the tumor cells, which releases various chemicals. This leads to a change of smell.

– For years people say, that in the vicinity of cancer patients feel unpleasant smell.
A female patient, who is herself suffering from lung cancer, felt prostate cancer in her husband.. She admitted that the smell is like a rot, says Dr. George Pret of the research center.

In addition to “electric nose” dogs can quickly detecting lung cancer and diabetes. Great progress has been made in the detection of ovarian cancer, so although the research is still at the beginning, dogs with 90% accuracy can smell this kind of cancer.

With dogs have the same opportunities and the fruit fly, whose behavior in the vicinity of cancer is to behave differently.

How smell diseases?

Breath of diabetes smell like acetone.

The feeling of people who have liver problems is that they have the smell like raw fish.

At urinary tract infections urine smells like ammonia.

Sweat of schizophrenics smells like vinegar.

Typhus fever reminiscent of the smell of freshly baked bread.

Patients with yellow fever smell like meat.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes smells like stale beer.

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