Did you know for those five things you should not do when you are in the cycle !?

Although not our favorite thing, still we should respect our menstrual cycle.

Then we are exhausted, we have no desire to rise from the bed, nor to be in company. We want to sit at home, surrounded by great food.

However, there are activities that threaten cycles and should not do them.

These are some of them:

1. Unprotected sex

In unprotected sex are big chances to get pregnant,and to prevent a number of infections it is best to abstain from sex until your cycle stopped


2. Skipping meals

Diets are not exactly the best choice at this time. Try not to skip your meals. You should be aware that this time you lose a lot of blood, and the food returns you to energy.

3. The physical work

If you feel pain in the back and abdomen, avoid physical work, because in this case the pain will only increase.

4. Fast food

Although eating junk food at the 2 o’clock after midnight seem like an attractive idea, it did not help you feel better.

5. Cold water

You should not drink cold water, because it will hold menstrual blood at the the uterine wall.

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