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27 Little-Known Facts About The Legend PRINCE

Millions of fans grieve, since on Thursday passed away yet another musical legend. Pop star Prince, which is considered one of the most creative musicians of his time, was found dead in his mansion.

PRINCE has managed to preserve the mysterious spirit about his personality, although he was known and loved for its strangeness.

“Daily Mirror” shares the 27 things you probably did not know about Prince.

1. Prince has been a huge fan of the TV series “Who is this girl?” with Zooey Deschanel in the main role and and even once wrote to the actress, to tell her, that he watch only two things on television: news and her series. Prince even appeared as a guest star in the movie, in February 2014


2. The musician has been committed to Jehovah’s Witness, baptized in 2001 and even traveled from door to door to preach. In 2003, a woman from Minnesota opened the door after ringing and found Prince how standing on doorstep.

3. In 1989 the half-sister of Prince sued him, claiming that the text of the song U Got the Look written by her. The judge ruled in favor of the singer after a long legal battle.

4. In November 1996, Prince lost his child. His son died just a week after his birth of a rare genetic disease – Pfeiffer syndrome.

5. In 1985, Prince says in the magazine. “Rolling Stone” that before was so poor, that stood in front of “McDonald’s” and has “fed” with the smell of burgers, because he could not afford them.

6. “With the internet is over,” reads a statement on the star of 2010
After that he refuses to stream his songs in Spotifay and sell them in Aytyuns.

7. Prince was been only a few blocks from the place of the murder of John Lennon in December 1980

8. The singer recorded an entire album after meeting Kim Basinger and falls madly in love with her. He even canceled a tour to finish the album and impress her with the album

9. In 1995, Prince changed his name unutterable sign aka “symbol of love”. Thus he expressed his protest against the “Warner Bros.,” accusing them of lower sales.

10. There is talk, that at that time the staff at Paisley Park called him “dude.”

11. Singer given his thick hair on playing guitar. “I am convinced that all this electricity that goes through my body, is responsible for the lack of hair loss,” said the star for the “Daily Mirror”.

12. The song Nothing compares 2 U, which became a hit in the implementation of Sinead O’Connor, was written by Prince.

13. He wrote also Manic Monday for “The Bangles”.

14. Singer had a special room with religious books, which is called “Room of Knowledge”.

15. Prince is the real name of the star. He was born on June 7, 1958 and was christened Prince Rogers Nelson.

16. In 1984, he became the second artist after “Beatles”, which at the same time have the album, a movie and song at number one in the US.

17. The height of Prince is only 158 cm.

18. He developed “alter ego” under the name Camille. There are even rumors that the vocals in the song “If I was your girlfriend” from the album “Sign ‘O’ The Times” are sung by Camille.

19. Prince playing guitar in the song “Like a prayer Madonna”, but his participation was never mentioned.

20. Singer gave the song Kiss, immediately after he wrote. Soon after, however, he takes it back because he did not like the music that other group added to the song.

21. Prince wrote his first song, “Funk Machine”, when he was 7 – more than half a century.

22. When he been a member of the group “Revolution,” Prince says, his favorite dish is spaghetti, accompanied by orange juice.

23. There is an urban legend that the singer is removed his ribs, to not feel the need for foreign assistance in oral sex.

24. Throughout his life Prince had many nicknames: Skipper (as a child), Jamie Starr, Christopher, Alexander Nevarmaynd, Purple Wang.

25. The star admits, there are “wild side”, which is responsible his mother Mattie Shaw.

26. Prince organized game similar to those with tickets to Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” In 2006, the “Universal” hiding 14 purple tickets in his album. The lucky ones among his fans were invited to a private concert in his home.

27. During performance in “the Saturday Night Live” Prince swore, but nobody notices. It became the only show where the same swear word can be heard twice.

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